Our Promise

CBD Therapeutics puts a special emphasis on going the extra mile when it comes to the health and safety of patients and their loved ones. Our entire line of CBD products is made available in high quality child resistant packaging, individually sealed with a tamper evident shrink band.

Creating a safe, secure, and sanitary work environment at CBD Therapeutics is something we guarantee our staff. Equally as important, we make a promise to our customers to ensure they know that the product they receive is standardized, consistent and responsibly produced.

Our company makes an immense effort to ensure quality assurance and compliance standards are both met and exceeded. Each of our products are analyzed for cannabinoid & terpene profile, screened for microbial contaminants, and certified completely free of solvents.

Tip: when you add a product to your cart on our website, the corresponding analysis report is added to your cart as a free download and saved to your account for future reference.

It’s these Quality Assurance practices that allow us to be confident we are developing a product we can be proud to give to our customers.