This new platform is running in beta at present. We appreciate your patience while our team of techs work diligently to develop a simple, intuitive, responsive, and easy to navigate ‘Educator Portal’. Should you have any issues using this new system, or come across anything you think we should know about, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to and we will address your concerns as soon as humanly possible.



Welcome to the CBD Academy Educator Program! Before you begin sharing your referral links and promoting CBD Therapeutics products, we need to arm you with some knowledge of our product line.


First, login to your new account. Navigate to My Account > Dashboard, where you’ll be greeted by a number of menu items. In the Dashboard menu, locate the ‘Vouchers’ tab and enter the voucher code you received in your account activation email. Vouchers are redeemed in exchange for a lifetime membership to the CBD Academy Educator Certification Program. Your lifetime membership ensures continued access to the full suite of CBD Academy course material.



At this stage, we’ve made one simple course available. This introductory material is designed to provide you with the information you need to begin sharing your knowledge of CBD Therapeutics products, while offering the chance for you to test drive CBD Academy and get a feel for how the program works.


As you progress through the ranks, new courses, lessons, and quizzes will be made available to you. When you pass a course, a new certificate will be issued in your ‘Certificates’ tab.



Congratulations, you’re ready to start educating! From your Dashboard, locate and click the big blue ‘Educator Portal’ button. This is where you will manage your referrals, commissions, bonuses, settings, and more.


As we are currently in beta, our knowledgebase and tutorials are still under development as we streamline our systems. Pending official documentation, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with our new system by exploring. It’s easy, we promise!

Navigate to the Settings tab in your Educator Portal. Here, you can enter the email you would like your payouts to be sent to, and opt in to email notifications when you receive referral commissions.

On this tab you’ll find the ‘Custom Slug Settings’ field. Here, you are free to enter text of your choosing to be used in place of your username at the end of your referral links. Confirm your entry by entering it, and then click ‘Save Profile Settings’ at the bottom to apply your changes.

To earn commissions, you must generate sales through your ‘referral link’. Let’s explore some of the ways you can generate a referral link.

  1. When you first log into your Educator Portal, you will be greeted by the ‘Affiliate URLs’ tab. By default, your referral link will be the page you’d like to share, appended by /edu/your-username. Copy the URL from the page on which you’d like to share, and paste it into the ‘Page URL’ field. When complete, click ‘Generate URL’ and the system will configure your referral link and display it for you to copy and share.
  2. When you have filled out the ‘Custom Slug Settings’ appropriately, (as described in the last step), your referral link will be appended by /edu/your-custom-name.

3. ‘Direct Links’ are a means of capturing a referral without the use of a Referral URL. This works as follows:

Jane is a CBD Educator who runs a health food blog called She would like to connect her readers with CBD Therapeutics products via her business as an Educator, but doesn’t like how the default referral URLs look in her blog posts. Jane can apply to have connected directly to CBD Therapeutics, allowing her to simply share the root domain, without the need for an unattractive referral appendix. Anyone who is reading Jane’s blog and clicks on the link to will be automatically applied to her list of referrals and if they make a purchase, she will earn the commissions. 

In order to use Direct Links, you must have your own website and domain name.

Navigate to Educator Portal > Direct Links, insert up to 5 unique domain names and submit them for approval by clicking the blue button below. Once an administrator has approved your domain(s), you’ll be notified via email and everything will begin functioning automatically.

You can also add a ‘Campaign Name’ to your referral link, allowing you to run multiple marketing campaigns and gauge popularity, sales conversion rates, and more.

Your progress through the Certified CBD Educator Program is marked by cumulative sales milestones. As you reach higher sales volume over time you will begin to climb the ranks, earning a higher commission rate for reaching your sales milestones and in turn earning a bursary for ranking up. Your progress through this system can be tracked on the ‘Bonuses’ tab of your Educator Portal, pictured below.

Payouts will be made monthly via Interac e-Transfer.

You MUST set your ‘Payment Email’ in Educator Portal > Settings.

Pending and completed payouts can be viewed on the ‘Payouts’ tab of your Educator Portal.

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