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Do you have questions we may be able to answer? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.


How long does it take to process and ship my order?

Your order will be processed and shipped as soon as we receive and successfully deposit your Interac E-transfer. The process typically takes between 24 to 48 hours. Please note that individual banks may vary; contact your local branch for details about their policies regarding E-transfers. Please give yourself ample time to receive your order if you place it on a Friday; we do not ship on weekends or holidays.

What happens if I don’t receive my order?

If you do not receive your package 48 hours after the expected arrival date, please send us an email with your name and order number and we’ll proceed with investigating where your parcel is. Once we file a trace on your parcel, our courier will try and locate it. If they are able to find it, they will ship it to you right away.

*Please note that we are not personally responsible for lost parcels.

What shipping methods are available?

We ship all orders via Canada Post. Live shipping rates and estimated delivery times are offered prior to checkout. Each order is sealed for freshness + discretion and placed in a nondescript mailer for shipping. All orders include a tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently do not ship outside of Canada. Please check back shortly.


What payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept Interac E-Transfer exclusively.

Upon placing your order, you will receive instructions on how to complete payment easily using your online banking platform of choice. We will provide you with an order confirmation email containing a secure, randomly generated password for use during the transaction and payment instructions.

I sent my E-transfer. What next?

It could take a minimum of one hour for us to receive your E-transfer email notifying us of your payment. Your E-transfer will be pending until we deposit the funds as we’re processing your order. You will be notified via email once your package has been shipped.

How do I send an Interac E-transfer?

An Interac E-transfer is a way of paying for an online order using your debit/savings account, as opposed to a credit card. If you use online banking with a Canadian bank/credit union, then sending an Interac E-transfer will only take a few minutes. For more information about how to send an E-transfer, contact your financial institution, or find bank-specific information through an online search.

What will happen to my order if I don’t send an E-transfer?

Once you have placed your order, the next step will be to submit an Interac E-transfer for the amount specified in your shopping cart. Your order will be held until we receive your E-transfer. If we do not receive your payment, your order will be cancelled.


Can I add to, edit, or cancel my order?

You’ll have a chance to edit and/or change your order if you have not already paid. If you have already paid, you can make a separate order with the additional items you’re in need of. You may also cancel the order and the E-transfer if you’d like to make a new, separate order. If you would like to cancel an order please email us. You will need to include the order number that you would like cancelled. If you have sent an E-transfer for an order you would like cancelled, make sure you also cancel the payment through your online banking.

* Please note we do our best to make sure all order edits/cancellations are processed in a timely manner.
* Events such as postal strikes, weather, and high order volumes may affect your wait time.

Can I return a product?

Please see our Shipping & Returns Policy.

How do I place an order?

Select your products, view your cart and proceed to the checkout page to complete your order. You will receive payment instructions on the order confirmation page, as well as in your order confirmation email.

Do I need an account to place an order?

No. You may opt to create an account prior to placing your order, or continue to checkout as a guest.